Blink Cloud Storage: Effortless Security at Your Fingertips

In this article, you’ll learn what Blink Cloud Storage is and how it can help securely store your Blink camera footage.

Key takeaways:

  • Blink Cloud Storage offers modern storage options for tech-savvy users.
  • Choose between subscription-based cloud storage or local storage with USB.
  • Subscription includes unlimited devices, extended storage, and advanced features.
  • Local storage with USB provides hassle-free backup without recurring fees.
  • Both options offer unique perks, prioritize based on your needs.

Storage Options for Non-legacy Devices

storage options for non legacy devices

Blink offers modern storage solutions designed for today’s tech-savvy users. It’s nothing like your grandma’s attic full of dusty boxes.

For those with newer devices, Blink provides hassle-free and flexible options:

  • Cloud Storage with a subscription: Unlimited video clips and freedom from SD cards. Easy peasy.
  • Local Storage with Sync Module 2: Store videos locally using a USB drive. No internet? No problem.
  • USB Options: Backup clip files directly to a USB drive from your Blink app. It’s like carrying a mini vault in your pocket, minus the weightlifting.

Choose the option that fits your lifestyle and get back to the more exciting things, like watching your cat knock over that vase you told it not to touch.

Subscription-based Cloud Storage

With the Blink subscription plan, your footage is in safe hands. It’s like sending your videos on a confirmed, first-class vacation to a super-secure online vault where they can stay as long as you desire (or at least until your subscription runs out).

  1. Unlimited Devices: One plan covers all your Blink devices. No more counting cameras like you count the last slices of pizza at a party. Everyone’s covered.
  1. Extended Storage: Store video clips for up to 60 days. Feel free to revisit that precious footage of your dog reenacting a scene from “Mission: Impossible”.
  1. Advanced Features: Access to features like motion alerts and video sharing. Perfect for the nosy neighbor in you who loves to be in the loop.
  1. Easy Management: Manage storage through the Blink app. Effortlessly look through clips without having to dig through endless files like you’re on an archeological expedition.
  1. Peace of Mind: Cloud storage ensures that even if someone decides your camera looks better in their garden, your footage is still accessible.

Subscribing means you’re never fretting over lost or missed footage again. It’s like having a magic unlimited DVR but without 200 channels of stuff you never watch.

Clip Backup With USB

If you’re not big on monthly fees, this one’s for you. The Sync Module 2 makes local storage a breeze by letting you plug in a USB drive.

Imagine a Flash drive becoming your personal security stash. Here’s the breakdown:

First, get a USB drive (a big one if you’re popular with the camera). Plug it into your Sync Module 2. As your camera records, it saves clips straight to the drive.

No internet outages will mess with your footage. You’ll have reliable access to your clip archive.

Backup is automatic. No need for manual labor. It’s like having an automated, tiny librarian for your security clips.

Remember, though. Don’t pull out the USB drive while it’s working—think of it as yanking a book away from that poor librarian.

So, go ahead, save those precious garden gnome rescue operations or those epic delivery guy dance moves. No cloud necessary, just a trusty USB stick.

Local Storage – Sync Module 2 With USB

Sync Module 2 is the way to go for some Blink users. Think of it as your friendly neighborhood gadget that lets you keep control over your video storage. It’s all about local storage, which means no recurring costs.

Plug in a USB flash drive (up to 256GB), and voila, you’re ready! Here’s why it’s nifty:

  • No monthly fees, just a one-time cost. Your wallet thanks you.
  • Directly saves motion clips to the USB drive. This way everything is instantly accessible.
  • Very low effort to get started. Attach the drive, configure settings in the app, and you’re good.

For those who like to stay off the cloud but still want hassle-free access to video clips, this is a solid option. Perfect for anyone who likes the taste of control with no strings attached.

Cloud Storage Without Subscription

You’re in luck! Blink offers storage solutions that won’t chain you to a subscription. Here’s the lowdown:

Firstly, the Sync Module 2 is your best buddy here. Pair it with a USB flash drive, and voila – you have local storage for your Blink clips without any recurring fees.

Secondly, the setup is as easy as pie. Just plug the USB drive into the Sync Module 2. Your clips will now get saved directly to the drive. No cloud, no fuss.

Thirdly, it’s flexible. Want to view your clips? Simply pop out the USB drive and plug it into your computer. You can review your clips anytime, anywhere.

Lastly, it’s cost-effective. You just need to buy the hardware once. There are no hidden fees, no monthly bills. Your wallet will thank you!

Compare Blink Storage Options

A quick comparison:

  • Local Storage with Sync Module 2:
  • You need to buy the Sync Module 2.
  • Connect a USB drive.
  • No recurring fees.
  • Stores video clips locally.
  • Cloud Storage with Subscription:
  • Monthly or yearly subscription fee.
  • Stores clips on cloud.
  • Access anywhere, anytime.
  • Backup for more than one camera.
  • USB Drive Backup:
  • Additional feature with Cloud subscription.
  • Simultaneous storage on cloud and USB.
  • Extra redundancy for your precious clips.

Each option has unique perks. Prioritize your needs: no fees, anywhere access, or extra backup.

Blink Subscription Features

With a Blink subscription, you’re not just getting storage; you’re unlocking a treasure chest of features. First off, you get an extended video history, allowing you to store clips for up to 60 days. That’s right, two whole months of footage.

Additionally, there’s advanced motion detection. Your camera can tell the difference between Fido chasing his tail and a potential intruder. Talk about smart security.

Then, there’s the photo capture feature. Your camera doesn’t just blink; it winks and takes snapshots throughout the day. So, you can keep an eye on things even if no motion is detected.

Are you a Notification Ninja? Get alerts that you can customize. Perhaps a gentle nudge for motion detected in the backyard or a full-on alarm for the front door.

Lastly, enjoy the ability to go live from anywhere at any time. Feel like checking in on your plush couch while on a Zoom meeting? No problem.

A Blink subscription makes your surveillance experience as smooth as your favorite latte.

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