Cloud Storage Trials and Discounts: Trying Before Buying

Discover the benefits of cloud storage trials and discounts, as we guide you through various options to test out these services before committing to a purchase.

Are you considering moving your data to the cloud? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right provider. Luckily, many cloud storage providers offer free trials and discounts for new customers.

This is a great opportunity to test out their services before committing to a long-term contract. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best cloud storage trials and discounts available in 2021.

Whether you’re looking for more storage space or better security features, there’s something for everyone in the world of cloud computing. So let’s dive in!

Cloud Storage Trials

cloud storage trials and discounts trying before buying

Cloud storage trials are a great way to test out different providers and see which one suits your needs best. Most cloud storage companies offer free trials that range from 7 days to 30 days, giving you ample time to explore their features and decide if they’re right for you.

During the trial period, you can upload files, create folders, share documents with others and test out the security features of each provider.

It’s important to note that some providers may require credit card information upfront before starting a trial period. However, most reputable companies will not charge your card until after the trial has ended unless you choose to continue using their services beyond the initial free period.

Discount Offers

Many providers offer discounts for new customers, as well as special promotions throughout the year. These discounts can range from a percentage off your monthly subscription fee to free months of service.

When looking for discount offers, it’s important to read the fine print and understand what you’re getting into. Some providers may require you to sign up for a long-term contract in order to receive the discount, while others may only apply it during your trial period.

It’s also worth noting that not all discount offers are created equal. While some may seem too good to be true, they could come with hidden fees or limitations that make them less appealing in the long run.

To ensure you’re getting the best deal possible, do your research and compare different providers’ offerings before making a decision.

Top Providers

However, not all of them offer free trials or discounts for new customers. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of some top providers that offer these benefits.

One such provider is Dropbox which offers a 30-day free trial period with no credit card required. This gives users ample time to test out their services and decide if they’re the right fit for their needs.

Another popular option is Google Drive which offers 15GB of free storage space and various subscription plans starting at just $1.99 per month.

Microsoft OneDrive also provides a generous amount of storage space (5GB) for its basic plan along with several other features like file sharing and collaboration tools.

Other notable mentions include Amazon Drive, iCloud from Apple Inc., among others who provide different pricing models based on your usage requirements.

Trial Periods

Most providers offer free trials ranging from 7 days up to 30 days or more. During this time, you can explore the features and benefits of their services without any financial commitment.

It’s important to note that some providers may require credit card information upfront for verification purposes but won’t charge until after the trial period ends. Be sure to read all terms and conditions carefully before signing up for a free trial.

During your trial period, take advantage of all available features such as file sharing, collaboration tools, and security measures like two-factor authentication or encryption options. This will give you a better understanding of how well-suited each provider is for your specific needs.

Remember that not all cloud storage solutions are created equal – what works best for one person may not work as well for another depending on factors such as budget constraints or data privacy concerns.

Subscription Plans

While free trials are a great way to test out the service, you’ll eventually need to commit to a paid plan if you want continued access. Most providers offer several different subscription options based on your needs and budget.

Some popular plans include monthly or yearly subscriptions with varying amounts of storage space and features. For example, some providers may offer unlimited storage for personal use but limit the number of devices that can be connected at once.

It’s essential to choose a plan that fits your specific requirements while also being mindful of costs. Be sure to read through each provider’s pricing structure carefully before making any decisions.

Remember: just because one provider offers more features doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for you. Take into account what matters most in terms of security, accessibility, and ease-of-use when selecting your cloud storage subscription plan.

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